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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  April 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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> bi bei where you bo and gd. he's in. a local democrat comes back to wh announce he's going to make a run at the white house. hello, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. the newest democrat running for president is from the bay area. congressman eric swalwell made it official today from his hometown of dublin. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was there for the announcement. he's live now in dublin. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, eric, today was a bit of a home coming for eric swalwell from dublin high school. he graduated from here. grew up not too far from here, too. he says he wants to be president. toick his runity is going to be
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rmereaerof min who did not expect to see me here today. >> reporter: the congressman and former alameda county prosecutor told the crowd of about 1,500 what his campaign's top priority will be. gun control. >> san bernardino. pulse. vegas. nothing, nothing, nothing. >> reporter: no action by lawmakers on trying to stop gun violence led swalwell to make this statement. >> i'm the only candidate, the only candidate proposing that we ban and buy back every single assault weapon in america. >> reporter: gun control a topic that resonates with pat from union city. >> he said enough is enough, and that's true. i believe that one. there are a lot of killings. >> reporter: in his campaign video, swalwell highlights his
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midwest roots. born in iowa, the son of a plafr and raised in a family of democrats. swalwell joins the presidential race in a big growing field of democrats, but does he stand chance. many say yes. >> should he be at the table? does he have a stake? does he have a shot? for sure. is he the guaranteed winner? no but nobody is. >> are you going to vote for him. >> i'm still looking at my choices. i'm excited to be here and check him out. >> reporter: swalwell wants a public health care option available. his campaign slogan is one you'll be hearing a lot. the slogan is go big, be bold and do good. swalwell knows his stance on gun control is not going to be popular with everyone. he is the second california resident to join the democratic field. kamala harris drew crowds of up to 20,000 people at a recent rally in oakland.> anothe docra
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officially jumped into the race for the white house today. mayor pete buttigieg launched his campaign in his hometown of south bend, indiana. the 37-year-old buttigieg shared why he wants to win the highest office in the land. >> the forces changing our country today are tectonic. forces that help to explain what made this current presidency even possible. that's why this time it's not just about winning an election, it's about winning an era. >> if elected, buttigieg would be america's first openly gay president. he'd also be the first president under the age of 40. senator kamala harris released 15 years of tax returns today. she's the latest democratic presidential candidate to release her taxes. harris reports that she and her husband made $1.9 million last year and had a federal tax bill of about 700,000. for those curious, she made around $157,000 as a senator
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$320,000 as a writer, her husband brought in $1.5 million as a lawyer. as the list of presidential grows, you can keep up by going to our website, abc we have biographies of each person who has declared on the democratic side. in the east bay, police are asking for your help this evening of a driver who left the scene and killed a mother and her 6-year-old son in a hit-and-run. witnesses say the victims were in the crosswalk when they man in a mercedes hit them at foothill bvt and 26th avenue last night. police found a car they believe was involved in the tragedy. they also discovered surveillance footage of a man running from that car after he parked it. in other news, he's back. have you heard this name before? he wonfit in a major since 2008. woods has gone through numerous personal and health issues since
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then. he's had four back surgeries and a highly publicized scandal that saw him split from his wife. today's victory was his fifth at augusta, georgia. and his fifth major title, leaving him only one behind the great jack nicklaus. woods went to stanford for a few years before he turned pro. several bay area stars also turned him on and san mateo native tom brady kept it pretty simple in his congratulatory. we'll have more coming up on tiger's win in sports. as the trump administration considers its plan to transfer undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities, white house press secretary calling it an option on the table. >> certainly this wouldn't be our first choice because ideally we wouldn't be dealing with the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming acrs the border. >> adding that democrats have said they support open borders, but the entire burden shouldn't
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fall on border cities. >> they support sanctuary cities so let's spread out some of that burden. if that's what they want to see happen and are refusing to actually help fix the problem. >> the chairman of the house homeland security committee says he doesn't see a legal way for the administration to implement this proposal and says the president has manufactured this chaos as the border. >> before donald trump took office, we had a situation that was manageable. >> reporter: the president tweeting saturday claiming without citing any evidence that the federal government has the absolute legal right to transfer illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. these cities which include san francisco, new york and chicago, do not cooperate with immigration and customs enforcement requests. >> we're a welcoming city. always have been. i would just say, america was always a sanctuary country before chicago became a sanctuary city. >> reporter: despite the assertion from some that the administration's plan to bus migrants to the so-called sanctuary cities is illegal, white house staff is working with the department of homeland security and i.c.e. to refine the proposal.
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tara palmeri, abc news, the white house. would you pay to go down lombard street? what we know about a proposal t the famously crooked street. and a show of support in the bay area for wikileaks' julian assange. the message coming out of this rally. all right. rain returns to the forecast. get your umbrellas ♪
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because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. protesters rallied at the golden gate bridge today demandin rease of wikileaks founder julian assange and former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea
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manning. members of code pink and other on the san francisco side othm r bridge. assange has been charged in the uk with skipping bail. in the u.s. he's accused of conspireing with former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to steal and publish thousands of military and diplomatic documents. >> we have to stand up for free speech and free press, and we have to stand up for our democracy. it's crumbling little bit by little bit and if we don't get out and do the work, we've not going to have democracy at all anymore. >> assange is expected to face a u.s. judge via video link early next month. he faces up to five years in prison on the u.s. charge if convicted. ford go bike is pulling its electric bikes from the streets in the bay area because of concerns from riders. there are reports of the brakes being stronger than expected on the front wheel. some of the bikes in san jose, however, will stay in service because the components are a little different. the company says it's working on
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developing a new bike that it will roll out soon. ford go bike operates as city bike in other major cities. no word on whether anyone has been hurt because of the braking issue. lawmakers are going to try once again to straighten out the traffic problems on lombard street. tomorrow we expect to learn the details of a proposal that would charge drivers a fee to go down the famously crooked street. there have been growing complaints about the heavy traffic in the area. previous proposals to bring relief to lombard street have failed. seeing is believing? so here you go. we have video of some friends from idaho who decided instead of skis they would use a kayak to go down the slopes. no, that is not your imagination. >> that was fun to watch, eric. you may have noticed the sea breeze kicked in. very different day today. we had much cooler temperatures. it's going to be even cooler tomorrow. have your umbrella handy. we've got more rain on the way. coming up on world news
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tonight, tiger woods is the masters champion in one amazing comeback. the deadly tornado outbreak and severe weather threat for mill
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you know, who needs skiswelf a boat can fly. one of them had been doing this for years, just not with a kayak this big. he says it came from his experience as a river guide in the summer and just took off from there. literally. as for the potential for a wipeout, the ski boaters didn't seem too worried about it. >> before the jump i was quite nervous thinking there was a chance i might lose my teeth. >> how far did they go in the air? the estimate, 100 feet before sticking the landing. with a jolt, i'm sure. on the peninsula, there was a race today that is about as close as you can get to feeling like a plane taking off. runners with the need for speed or walking took over t the third annual airport runway
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run from hiller aviation mutually. participants could compete in a 10 k, 5k or 2 k. it ended back at the hiller aviation museum. i was there this morning as the emcee for the event. a little chilly out there at 7:30, but everybody had a good time. let's find out what the weather is going to be like for the rest of the day. >> eric, a lot chillier today. here is a look at live dopplar 7. the satellite images showing us the increasing clouds throughout the day, and things are going to cool down even more because of the strong onshore flow. gusts up to 28 miles per hour in san francisco. also in fairfield. and that meant temperatures were tumbling. in fact, ukiah is 14 degrees cooler compared to what it was yesterday at this time. most areas quite a difference as well. here is a pretty view from the east bay hills. looking out at the low clouds over the coast of the marine influence really made an impact
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today. san francisco, only 54 degrees. oakland, 60, but morgan hill managed to climb up to 67 degrees. we can siay bye to the 80s we sw yesterday. in walnut creek, we're seeing some linticular clouds. santa rosa 66, fairfield, 69, liver more, 63. this time as we look towards san francisco, here's what you need to know with the forecast. the rain arrivings tomorrow and the timing of the system might looks like it might bring us a messy evening commute, big warm-up thursday and friday. if you liked yesterday, i think you're going to like the seven day forecast. we rank the storm a 1 for tomorrow. it's light. light to moderate rain at times. generally less than 0.6 of an inch and we could see occasionally breezy winds. here is the forecast animation kids, cloudy but still mostly
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dry. by lunchtime, the slide south as far as santa rosa and the heavy rains spread throughout the bay area in the afternoon. look for heavier rainfall along the coast. it clears out overnight tuesday. tuesday should be mostly dry with maybe a few isolated showers. this system is packing a little bit more of a punch. less than 0.6 of an inch for everybody. a little bit more along the coastal ranges. so lows tonight also on the cool side, especially far north, the low 40s. ukiah/lakeport. upper and mid-40s from san francisco down through san jose. and highs tomorrow also much cooler once again. we're talking mid-50s in sot sa frci 57.hroughout the day in the south bay. san jose getting up to 63, santa
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cruz, 62. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. on monday for tomorrow, it's going to be rain and even cooler. isolated chance early tuesday morning, but for the most part will be dry, we'll get more sunshine. check out the warming trend that kicks in wednesday, thursday, friday, 80s in the forecast for the bay and inland areas. we will be well above average. we've got a cooling trend on saturday, but it does look mild for easter. i think we will have some eggellent weather. >> i've been waiting all day from that. no, you didn't travel back in time to the early 2000s. he really did win the masters. >> it's been more than a decade since this happened. they can't help but wonder, is tiger woods back? the
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now abc 7 sports with mindi bach. people probably don't remember what they were doing in 2008 when tiger woods victory. people will remember what they were doing today when the now 43-year-old took the masters 11 years after he won his last major. tonight's final round moved up to early this morning due to bad weather. francisco mo francesco molinari started the
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day with a two-shot lead. he was tied with tiger and then disaster. tiger birdied the hole. this is the shot for him. tee shot on the par 3 16. this comes from a lot of experience. drives it past the hole and let's the slope of the greens do the rest. that is nearly a hole in one. he took the easy birdie and a two-shot lead with two to play. brooks koepka had a chance to put some pressure on tiger. 18th hole for birdie, he missed. that would have put him one back. instead, tiger will bogey 18, but it doesn't matter, he will win his first major championship since 2008, win his fifth green jacket and first since 2005. that's 22 years after coming off 18 to hug his dad. he gets to hug his son charlie who has never seen him win a major and his daughter sam. >> to have my kids there, it's come full circle. my dad was here in '97 and now i'm the dad with two kids there.
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sam actually lost a state soccer tournament yesterday, so i kind of convinced her, do you want to come up and watch the masters? >> not a lot of convintsing needed. the warriors delayed their film review of last night's game against the clippers so they could watch woods and the masters. looney said steph curry almost cried. one glaring problem the team did not need to watch the game tape to know needs to be fixed. the warriors had 21 turnovers. steve kerr they won't go the playoffs on that. >> the quality of passes have to be on target. we got away with it last night, but going forward, we've got to do a much better job of our decision-making and just the discipline of making a good, sharp pass. >> thompson headed to the giants game after morning shoot-around. san francisco looking to sweep the rockies.
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colorado had four runs in the first three games of the series. four runs today. nolan arenado delivered three of them. the three-run shot off derek holland. evan longoria broke up the no-no, but that was it. marquez would get the complete game shutout. one hit allowed, one hit batter, struck out nine. rockies avoid the sweep and shut down the giants at oracle park. who is hungry? it's almost dinner time, eric. doesn't that look good? hu how long would it take us to eat that. in the third, matt chapman chapn his fifth. the seventh straight game the a's have hit multiple home runs in a game. that's a new franchise record. the rangers rally with four in the eight. deli delino delino deshields with a o-
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buapned? >> iideee o it's obvious thewim evwhas on this roll like he was today, just incredible. all the energy with the fans. >> jack nicklaus' record, 18. we'll see if he continues. >> we'll see. mindy, thank you. next on abc 7 news at 5:00, cherry blossoms aren't just a washington thing. we'll take you
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alright. new on abc 7 news at 6:00, speaks to the father and the husband of the wife and young boy killed in a horrific hit-and-run crash in oakland last night. plus, how much does it cost to raise a family in the bay area? if you have to ask, no, a look at the numbers coming up ahead. the culture, flavors and sounds of japan came to life in san francisco this weekend. ♪ >> abc news was in japantown while drummers played during the northern california cherry blossom festival. this marks the 52nd year for the springtime tradition. the festival features food and artwork marking the japanese culture. in case you missed it, the cherry blossom festival continues next saturday and sunday, but not tomorrow when we may see some rain. >> next weekend should be great for easter as well. >> all right. francis, thank you very much.
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that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. we thank you for your time. i'm eric thomas. for the entire abc 7 news team, thank you for joining us. we'll see right back here at 6:00. tonight the come back. one of the greatest in sports history, tiger woods is the masters champion his first major come back. and the one moment evoking a memory from decades ago. also tonight the devastation after almost 15 reported tornados, at least eight people killed, including two children, the tornado watch stretching all the way up to ohio. now the new severe weather threat for millions this week. sanctuary city threat, the white house says the presidents plan to bus to sanctuary cities is still on the table. as some may ors in those cities say they will welcome the
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immigrants. the race for 2020 mayor pete makes it o


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